Whether your house is a rental condo, a cottage, or a mansion; a place to rest your head or simply an investment; it needs to be right for you. I want to help you find your house so you can be at home. My name is Richard LeBlanc. My interest in real estate stems from understanding what home ownership can mean to individuals and families. My parents lost their home when I was four years old. Many years later, I was able to write and direct a documentary about this life changing experience. “Our Home”, produced through the National Film Board, explored the meaning of home beyond being a physical place. I have a background in psychology, counselling, and in international and community development education as well as in filmmaking. My journey has taken me on various adventures around the world, having worked and lived in Thailand, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Australia, and in various communities in Canada. Immersing myself in different cultures has helped me gain a better understanding of people and the world around me.

Toronto is where I have made my home for the last 18 yrs. It is a city for the future, where everyone is welcomed to be themselves. It is ever changing and dynamic, and truly coming into its own as a unique world class city. Toronto has also proven itself to be a solid place to invest in the housing market over time. Years ago, I bought a teeny 347 square foot condo when it was all I could afford, followed by a pre-construction, one bedroom condo. I experienced co-ownership with a friend when buying a detached house by myself was not yet financially feasible for either of us. These moves along the property ladder helped me along the path to owning my own detached house in an upcoming neighbourhood. There are many ways to gain a foothold in the housing market and I seem to have experience in all of them! I understand very clearly the importance of home ownership as both a financial investment and for most of us, an even larger emotional investment. Home ownership can help to create financial freedom for the future as well as help you to create and find your community.

Let me guide and help you through the sometimes stressful process of buying or selling your property so you can make the best informed decisions for you and your family. I am experienced in home staging, buying and selling. I am passionate about design and architecture and have delivered excellent customer service for the past 18 years in English, French, and Spanish. Let me help you find your house, so you can be at home.